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A Wetroom is a popular choice in many homes where there is limited space in the bathroom. A Wetroom is a Bathroom where the shower is not separated off from the rest of the shower and instead a drain is fitted in the floor to get rid of excess water and the whole room is tiled and water sealed. This can add value to a home and can hugely increase the amount of space available in a smaller Bathroom as a large piece of space isn’t taken up by the Shower unit.


The simplicity of a Wetroom with a walk-in shower is one of its key benefits however that doesn’t mean it has to lack a variety of options! We have a range of variations for you to choose from to really make your Wetroom your own.

Because your Bathroom/Wetroom are highly personal locations we understand the importance of feeling at home in them. That’s why we have so many tiling options available to ensure your Wetroom suits you. We offer many types of tile from Marble and Natural Stone, to Slate, Ceramic, rubber or Vinyl each with their own benefits.

You may opt to have a screen installed around your shower in order to contain splashes to save your towels, clothes or dressing gowns from being soaked. To that end we have a number of different styles of screen available from plain glass and chrome to smoked glass. We’ve got the screen to suit your room.

When converting your Bathroom to a Wetroom, we at HeatHome UK can alter the layout of your room to suit your Wetroom vision. Whether you need the shower or Bathtub moved or the toilet repositioned, we’ve got the knowhow to bring your vision to life.

Different Wetroom designs need different drainage systems to match, so depending on the Wetroom you want, we can build the drainage around you. Whether you need a drain in the centre of the room or channels diverting it elsewhere, the drainage will suit the room.

Wetrooms are highly beneficial in many ways to many people however one of the most pronounced benefits are to the mobility impaired who have difficulty using traditional bathing facilities. With a walk-in shower anyone can use your Wetroom with ease. If you need a shower seat or wheelchair access to your shower, just ask and we can make sure to include them.

Due to the nature of a Wetroom, it’s very important that the right flooring be chosen. Not just to suit your design, but to ensure a stable walking surface with plenty of grip to avoid slipping, while still being comfortable. We offer various options to suit your design and make sure to ask about underfloor heating for the true luxury experience.


HeatHome UK provides a large variety of different services in Plumbing, Heating and Construction varying from the installation of brand new Kitchens, Bathrooms, heating systems and Wetrooms to repair and regular maintenance on existing systems. We offer extensive customisation on all our services meaning we’re your one stop shop for Plumbing, Heating and Construction services across Mid and South Wales.

We can refit your Kitchen with brand new units, counters, cupboards, wall tiles, appliances and flooring to ensure your Kitchen is always perfect for you.

We can refit your whole Bathroom with new flooring, tiling, shower, bathtub, toilet and cistern as well as sink and taps. If you’re not ready for a whole new Bathroom then we can repair and maintain your old Bathroom instead.

We also offer a variety of heating solutions to suit any situation no matter your requirements, including Vented and Unvented Systems, traditional heating systems and underfloor heating.

No matter your needs, HeatHome UK is the premium choice in Mid and South Wales.



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