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Underfloor Heating is the premium choice for luxury heating systems and is an up and coming alternative to traditional radiator based systems. The floorboards are lifted up and a thick layer of insulation placed underneath. On top of the insulation a mat of heating cables is placed. When the heating is engaged the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room rising off of the pipes. This is especially effective on the ground floor as the heat rises through upper floors.


There are a number of factors to consider with Under Floor Heating(UFH) Systems. There are two primary variations(dry and wet), each with their own advantages and disadvantages and it is important that you pick the right system for you. UFH systems allow you to remove unsightly wall hung radiators and this removes a large source of circulating dust from the room, ideal for asthmatics, for the individual pros and cons of the system types see their section below.

UFH is perfect for situations where there is limited space and so radiators are undesirable. They are also more energy efficient and can result in lower overall heating bills, in addition to this they retain heat for longer after being switched off. They require virtually no maintenance unlike the radiator system which requires regular servicing and runs quietly too. An added benefit is that a UFH system will eliminate dust mites from carpets.

UFH Systems can take longer to heat up than traditional systems (although they retain it for longer too) and it has a high initial set-up cost. Care must also be taken with certain types of furniture, pianos for example should be placed on insulation. Retrofitting a UFH System later on can be prohibitively impractical and expensive so it is imperative that it is well designed the first time.

Dry UFH Systems consist of heat emitting cables being placed ontop of insulation underneath the floorboards. Being cables it is easy to lay them to suit a specific room shape.

Wet UFH Systems consist of hot water being piped from the boiler under the floors in place of heating cables. This system is less malleable and less easy to customise to a rooms shape and requires a boiler. It also has a higher set up cost than a dry system however this is balanced out over time by its lower cost per unit of heat which can make it more cost effective long term.


HeatHome UK provides a large variety of different services in Plumbing, Heating and Construction varying from the installation of brand new Kitchens, Bathrooms, heating systems and Wetrooms to repair and regular maintenance on existing systems. We offer extensive customisation on all our services meaning we’re your one stop shop for Plumbing, Heating and Construction services across Mid and South Wales.

We can refit your Kitchen with brand new units, counters, cupboards, wall tiles, appliances and flooring to ensure your Kitchen is always perfect for you.

We can refit your whole Bathroom with new flooring, tiling, shower, bathtub, toilet and cistern as well as sink and taps. If you’re not ready for a whole new Bathroom then we can repair and maintain your old Bathroom instead.

We also offer a variety of heating solutions to suit any situation no matter your requirements, including Vented and Unvented Systems, traditional heating systems and underfloor heating.

No matter your needs, HeatHome UK is the premium choice in Mid and South Wales.



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