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Radiators are a useful and reliable way to distribute heat throughout a home but sometimes particularly when moving into a new home or building, you may find that there aren’t enough of them spread around the building. When this happens give HeatHome UK a call and we can install a number of new radiators to suit your needs.


We offer a variety of services to supplement or benefit your radiator system varying from installing new radiators to regularly tuning and servicing your radiators including bleeding them to leak any air bubbles that may be affecting their performance.

If you find your radiators aren’t quite making the cut this winter then give HeatHome UK a call today and we’ll be able to install new ones to give your houses heating a boost through the cold.

Radiators tend to be installed when the house is constructed then forgotten about. This means that as the building ages, the radiators can be ignored. While they do last for a long time, they can eventually rust or wear through regular use and when that happens we can repair or replace them allowing them to keep your home warm for years to come.

As your radiator warms and cools regularly, this can cause the paint to crack and this makes it easier for the paint to flake off. This can seriously impact the efficiency of your radiator and if one radiator bleeds heat, it can cause the others to cool too. We can use specially formulated radiator paint to help maintain a consistent heat across your whole house.

As they age, radiators can have bubbles of air build up inside. To check if you might have air bubbles in your radiator, feel the surface all over when it is switched on for spots that are markedly cooler than the rest. if this is the case, your radiator may need to be bled. Give HeatHome UK a call and we can return your radiators to their original condition.

As they age it is good practice to have your radiators serviced yearly to detect any issues before they result in a catastrophic accident such as a burst pipe or breakdown. We can efficiently handle these regular services to keep your radiator in peak condition.


HeatHome UK provides a large variety of different services in Plumbing, Heating and Construction varying from the installation of brand new Kitchens, Bathrooms, heating systems and Wetrooms to repair and regular maintenance on existing systems. We offer extensive customisation on all our services meaning we’re your one stop shop for Plumbing, Heating and Construction services across Mid and South Wales.

We can refit your Kitchen with brand new units, counters, cupboards, wall tiles, appliances and flooring to ensure your Kitchen is always perfect for you.

We can refit your whole Bathroom with new flooring, tiling, shower, bathtub, toilet and cistern as well as sink and taps. If you’re not ready for a whole new Bathroom then we can repair and maintain your old Bathroom instead.

We also offer a variety of heating solutions to suit any situation no matter your requirements, including Vented and Unvented Systems, traditional heating systems and underfloor heating.

No matter your needs, HeatHome UK is the premium choice in Mid and South Wales.



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