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The Boiler is the heart of your home, heating and pumping hot water to your taps, shower and radiators every day. Even so, while it’s working it’s easy to forget that it’s there and it needs to be serviced regularly. If your boiler breaks down we at HeatHome UK can have it replaced painlessly and efficiently.


As well as new boiler installation we offer a number of services to improve the efficiency or prolong the life of your boiler including regular servicing and tuning as well as installing additional insulation on the pipes and boiler to reduce waste heat.

If your boiler is old or damaged and needs replacing, we can handle uninstalling the old one and fitting the new one for you. We can even handle disposal of the old boiler too.

Boilers are generally safe and reliable however they last so long that it’s easy to forget them. We recommend your boiler is serviced once a year to prevent any wear from turning into a serious problem. The risks include releasing scentless and invisible but toxic carbon monoxide gas into your home.

If your boiler is bare or not heat efficient enough  for your needs, we can install additional insulation on the cylinder and pipes. We have variety of insulation types available including foil-coated rockwool insulation which has air retaining qualities that makes it perfect for coating pipes, and we offer glass fibre cylinder jackets that can greatly increase your cylinders heat retention.

Newer and more efficient and reliable boilers are being developed all the time so if you decide you need better performance out of your boiler, HeatHome UK can recommend a boiler to suit you as well as handling the removal of the old one and the installation of the new one.

If you don’t have time for a full servicing of your boiler and just need to know if everything is working correctly, we can handle quick and easy checks of your boiler to ensure you’re not at risk of boiler failure.

If your boiler has some light damage but doesn’t quite need replacing, we can patch it up and restored to peak condition.


HeatHome UK provides a large variety of different services in Plumbing, Heating and Construction varying from the installation of brand new Kitchens, Bathrooms, heating systems and Wetrooms to repair and regular maintenance on existing systems. We offer extensive customisation on all our services meaning we’re your one stop shop for Plumbing, Heating and Construction services across Mid and South Wales.

We can refit your Kitchen with brand new units, counters, cupboards, wall tiles, appliances and flooring to ensure your Kitchen is always perfect for you.

We can refit your whole Bathroom with new flooring, tiling, shower, bathtub, toilet and cistern as well as sink and taps. If you’re not ready for a whole new Bathroom then we can repair and maintain your old Bathroom instead.

We also offer a variety of heating solutions to suit any situation no matter your requirements, including Vented and Unvented Systems, traditional heating systems and underfloor heating.

No matter your needs, HeatHome UK is the premium choice in Mid and South Wales.



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